Setting the Standards

Clean Hotpoint & Creda liners It’s a good feeling when you find something online that underlines and emphasises something you’ve been rattling on about for decades and today just happens to be one of those days! This article is in respect of ‘setting the standards’.

Our philosophy over the past 20 years or so has been based on the old adage that ‘if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing properly’; a theory that we’ve always put into practice enabling us to produce the finest results for our clients over the years

Seemingly however, not everybody has the same ethos. This is evidenced by somebody in our industry sector who took the time to write an article offering a critique of another competitor’s most recent video production by suggesting, and we quote …..

“When I started my oven cleaning business this would have been the way that I would have cleaned this oven and I would have told the client that sorry we don’t clean the self cleaning sides or the fan at the back. But after a visit, a few years ago now, to a house where the oven had been recently been cleaned by the local (Bristol) Ovenu franchisee I noticed that the oven and its self cleaning sides were perfectly clean”.

Now you’d like to think that a couple of valuable lessons might have been learned here?? Apparently not as the article goes on …

“….to ensure that we were getting the same standards of our competitors, in this case Ovenu, I started taking the self cleaning panels off on Creda ovens and putting them in our dip tank in the van. They came out perfectly. I also started cleaning the fan and the area around the back of the fan”.

High praise indeed, or so you’d be lead to believe as the author continues to explain a little further down the article in question that doing the job 100% correctly can take a little longer than not and, in some cases, simply offers a ‘spray and wipe’ to some surfaces and misses others out of the process completely! ….

“The only problem with taking the sides off the Creda is getting them back on, you have to do some jiggling to get the holes lined up……. I don’t as a rule take off the self cleaning panel off the ceiling of the oven as really they are VERY difficult to get back on. If the sides aren’t that dirty I just take off the back panel – which means undoing four screws- and the fan and dipping them both. I clean the sides with a micro fibre cloth and degreaser”.

So there we have it ‘straight from the horse’s mouth’ so to speak. Now it may well be the case that the author has amended his working standards since writing the original article but that’s really no concern of ours!

What we shall be doing however is continually developing our products and systems to ensure that, no matter ‘others’ think up, we’re always a few step ahead in setting the standards as we’ve done from our inception back in 1994.