Could Our Business Be Your Business?

Thank you for clicking through to discover what’s behind the headline.

Lots of people from all sorts of different backgrounds have done exactly the same over the years so don’t worry – you’re not alone!

Many who were intrigued enough to find out a bit more information are now enjoying working with us creating their own prosperity as self-employed people.

We regularly hear that our franchisees are generating excellent profits for themselves by following our tried and tested franchise model.

It’s just as common for us to hear tales of our franchisees returning to a decent work/life balance and lots of other positives too.

So who are we and what exactly do we do?


We’re Ovenu and our network of franchisees travel locally to people’s homes to clean their ovens for them.

We provide a fully portable, van-based business with extremely low overheads and massive market potential.

And there aren’t many business opportunities available where every home is a potential customer are there?

OK – so cleaning greasy cookers every day might not be everybody’s idea of a fun business so this is probably where some of you leave the page but that’s understandable – thanks for the initial interest though & for visiting our site.

However, for those who can see the great potential, here’s a bit more information that we think you’ll be interested to discover.

We’ve been doing what we do since 1994 so it’s probably fair to suggest that we’re doing a lot of things right!

Toby & CarolynOur franchisees operate on both sides of the world; right here in the UK and overseas in Australia & New Zealand. The eco-friendly oven cleaning service we provide has a massive demand… Our BBQ cleaning is pretty popular as well.

Everything that we do is done 100% safely without using any harmful chemicals; you’ll probably know the harmful products we mean if you’ve ever had a go at cleaning your own oven – the ones that smell horrible and have loads of ‘Warning’ triangles all over the tin??

We get to know our customers well and have time to chat to them whilst we’re working away and, at the end of each job we do, there is a delighted customer who will pay you there and then, recommend you to family & friends and probably call you back in the future for another quality clean!

A perfect opportunity then for those who take an interest in people, have a friendly, out-going personality and aren’t afraid of a bit of hard work.

Oh – and the earnings are pretty good as well!!

If you’d like to find out more about us and our opportunity, simply fill out the Register Your Interest Form on this page, click the button and we’ll send you our most up-to-date Information Pack by return as an e-mail attachment.


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