Where We Sit On The Internet

Ovenu Web StatisticsIn the modern era, much is made of the importance of having a good presence on the internet and we agree with this whole-heartedly.

But there is something way more important than having the most spectacular website in the world – visitors. A super website is all well and good but if nobody sees it then what’s the point?

This would be along the lines of having a Rolls-Royce without an engine … pretty pointless!

We’ve understood the importance of getting lots of people to our websites right from the off and the purpose of this quick article is to show you exactly how many visitors we had in just one month.

As you’ll see from the image our main website at www.ovenu.co.uk attracted just over 12,500 unique visitors in January 2015 alone.

And this isn’t our busiest month!

It’s also worth bearing in mind that each and every one of our franchisees also benefit by having an autonomous, locally based web presence as well as gleaning valued enquiries from the main corporate site.

Happy Days all round we reckon.